HeartMath Training

HeartMath incorporates mind and body to train the system to operate in a new, more coherent and regulated state of being. It is typically well known that the brain is the orchestrator of the body as a whole and less known that the heart actually plays a significant role in our overall health and well-being. When we learn to regulate our system through the power of the Heart-Brain Connection, we are more capable of making decisions and operating in ways that are consistent with wellness.

To learn more about HeartMath, we welcome you to visit their website. We invite you to contact us to get started with HeartMath training or learn more about how you can benefit from this service.

EMDR and Family Therapy Integrative Model for Attachment Trauma in Children

Children who have suffered from parental neglect, abuse, loss, medical problems that interfered with the parent-child bonds, or distressing circumstances such as domestic violence or parental psychiatric or substance abuse problems often exhibit behavioral symptoms such as food and elimination problems, aggression and meltdowns, defiance, lying, and stealing.

The integrative family therapy and EMDR therapy model provides an effective and efficient method for treating children with severe behaviors and a history of attachment disruptions and/or other traumatic events. Eye Movement and Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and family therapy are integrated through specific steps.

The family therapy and EMDR therapy collaboration helps parents learn to respond with effective trauma-informed strategies, strengthens the security of the parent-child attachment relationship, improves children’s behaviors and emotional regulation, and decreases reactivity related to traumatic memories and current triggers.

Integrative Parenting

The virtual Integrative Parenting class is designed for parents of traumatized children. This class will help you with:

  • Identifying how trauma has affected your child’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
  • Strengthening the security of your child’s attachment with you.
  • Identifying how past trauma on your child’s ability to trust you to be in charge.
  • Healing your child’s past through attunement, nurturing messages, and shared pleasure.
  • Responding effectively to “upstairs” and “downstairs” meltdowns.
  • Day-to-day strategies to help your child improve his reasoning and thinking skills.

The Integrative Parenting class is an important part of our Integrative Team Model but is open to any parents raising children with a history of trauma of any type.

NeurOptimal® Training

When you train with NeurOptimal® your brain is given information about the entire frequency range of activity encoded within the electrical activity of your brain. The NeurOptimal system gives information to your brain about what is happening across all of that activity.

Once your brain can “see” itself” in the “mirror” through the feedback provided by NeurOptimal®, your brain can “defrag” and re-organize itself through a unique system of Dynamical Thresholding.® The system meets you where you are and adjusts to where you are, giving feedback microsecond by microsecond.

Your brain organizes and improves in functioning naturally, over the course of repeated training, and it is quite safe. As your brain becomes reorganized, your central nervous system becomes more flexible, resilient, and “in the flow.”

Addiction/Substance Use

Addiction wears many faces from substances, work, relationships, food, electronics, gambling, and many others. We work with individuals who have identified things that have moved from being helpful in dealing with life’s stressors to a consuming or compulsive need. As there is nothing more addictive than the absence of pain, we help individuals discover what their unhealthy attachment has helped them cope with and the ways that it has hurt them.

Substance use evaluations are available and we also work with probation.